Our motto is to supply Consistent Quality to Quality Conscious Customers around globe for which we always keep on doing Researches & Developments in sectors of Raw Material procurement, Production, Finished products, Packing, dispatch etc… Our factory has acquired an European based 3rd Party Factory Audit also.

Quality of the product is always gained by the combination of several effecting important factors such as Raw Material procurement, Factory layout, Production, Storing of Finished products, Packing and Dispatch, for which we pay special attention to all these factors adopting GMP, in such a manner, due to which factory remains in a sanitized, Hygienic Condition, standardized as per today's international requirements for a FOOD MANUFACTURING UNIT.

For producing quality products, latest imported technology equipments are installed specially for cleaning of goods for Eliminating Impurities and foreign materials, which is an important factor affecting the Quality.

Some of our cleaning line includes BUHLER'S-Sortex's Auto Color Sorter used for sorting of goods without contaminating it instead of Conventional Manual Sorting; also Sortex's Precision Air Classifier is used for mainly removing Heavy Impurities (such as Stones, glass, wood etc), Metal Detector of Goering Kerr, and Magnets of Goudsmit for detecting of Ferrous and Non-ferrous particles.

Our in-house Laboratory for analyzing the Physical, Chemical and Microbiological parameters installed with the latest technology equipments such as The Laminar floor, Microscope, Colony counter, Colory Meter, Auto clave, PH Meter, Distillation Plant, etc. is the utmost requirement of a food manufacturing unit, which secures nearly the biggest part of our quality side.

For further satisfaction of customer's and ourselves we also provide examination reports by 3rd party inspection such as SGS, QSS, GEO-CHEM etc. or by any other reliable agencies you prefer for each consignments. Pre-shipment samples shall also be provided on request.

Supplies are very prompt throughout the year due to vast production capacity and sanitized In-house ware housing facility to store nearly 500 m.tons of finished product at a time.

Containers and other transporting vehicles are stuffed in our factory premises under our personal supervision to avoid any mis-handling of the goods.
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