Generally Fried Onions available in standard size of 8-20 mm. The frying of fresh onion red and white slices is carried out in a Auto-Controlled Continuous fryer especially for uniformity to maintain its color, taste, aroma, texture, crispiness and most importantly for having " Controlled stable Fat Contents " in final product.

All these factors are Critical Control Points in this product especially for its shelf life, we are proud to supply totally controlled Guaranteed European type (Dutch Style) "Natural Golden Fried Crispy Onions with out any Rancid notes". Detailed Specifications / Process can be available on special request.

The uses of basically fried Onions are used for garnishing and dressing of various food preparations and for desired taste of Onion flavor, also used for topping of Pizza's and Burgers, etc….

The are available in
  • Crispy fried Onion with wheat flour
  • Crispy fried onion without wheat flour
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